Open Access

Open Access

Open Access provides free availability of the research work done by scholars to the entire scientific community on the internet without the expectation of any payment where the readers can download, use, copy, distribute and print or use them for any lawful purpose.

Open Access Benefits

Studies have shown that open access articles are viewed and cited more often than subscription model.

Readers and libraries have an extensive opportunity to access the scientific literature without any obstacle.

Bypasses subscription procedure and payments.

Equality of learning for both the rich and poor nations by unrestricted online access for the research work.

Easy means of exploring the research to the entire globe.

Secured place to store your research work.

Enhanced visibility and readership help the scientific community to share knowledge related to all academic disciplines.

Empowerment with licensing, i.e., Creative Commons, which helps researchers to build upon present literature.

Greater readership, citations, and usage.

Benefits more collaboration among researchers and creates a platform to get new opportunities.

The prestige, visibility and reputation of institutes providing funds/grants to the research work will be increased highly.

Unrestricted access to scientific resource which enriches the quality of research, education, and advancements.

Transform publications and data to worldwide researchers to sharing, reuse, distribute.

Research work done can be cited and the links of your research work can be used in any online social networking sites which can be shared or mailed to colleagues who want to read your work.